Junior Chief Information Security Officer

Job description

Security operations: Real-time analysis of immediate threats, and triage when something goes wrong

Cyberrisk and cyber intelligence: Keeping abreast of developing security threats, and helping the board understand potential security problems that might arise from acquisitions or other big business moves

Data loss and fraud prevention: Making sure internal staff doesn't misuse or steal data

Security architecture: Planning, buying, and rolling out security hardware and software, and making sure IT and network infrastructure is designed with best security practices in mind

Identity and access management: Ensuring that only authorized people have access to restricted data and systems

Program management: Keeping ahead of security needs by implementing programs or projects that mitigate risks — regular system patches, for instance

Investigations and forensics: Determining what went wrong in a breach, dealing with those responsible if they're internal, and planning to avoid repeats of the same crisis

Governance: Making sure all of the above initiatives run smoothly and get the funding they need — and that corporate leadership understands their importance


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