VoIP engineer

Job description

4z.com, a VoIP provider company based in Lausanne is looking for a motivated and experienced freelance developer with the following profile.

Programming/coding skills (average of several thousand lines per project)

-Programming: C, C ++
-Scripting: bash, perl, python, PhP

-Databases: MySQL
-Administration of UNIX / Linux servers-Network knowledge: IP protocol (TCP / UDP), IP address / IP routing, sockets
-VoIP: SIP, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio-Traffic Analysis Tools: ngrep and wireshark
-Redundancy, cluster, cloud concepts
-Knowledge of DNS, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, Dovecot

You will participate in all operational processed such as:

Analysis of the current network
Optimization of the network infrastructure
Generation of statistics
Analysis of network data
Development of fraud detection and prevention systems
Development of new monitoring systems
Comparison of various telephony systems and stress tests
Generation of large number of calls for stress tests
Comparison and diagnostic of various voip billing solutions
Benchmark of various voice and video codecs
Participation in the development of new services

French is a plus

How to apply?
Interested candidates can email the CV to jobs@4z.com with subject:
[2'l3n'1 developer] Firstname Lastname

Tests and salary:
All candidates will be provided tests to pass at distance and salary will be determined depending on number of competences that will be validated as a result of tests (From 500 CHF/month to 2000 CHF /month).


  • jobs@4z.com